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David K as Roy Orbison

September 18, 2021


Sept. 18 2021 2pm & 7pm at The Cresco Theatre and Opera House. $25. VIP $30.in Cresco, Iowa

David K
sings Roy Orbison’s multi-octave range beautifully and his band is
exceptional as they portray the style of Roy and his genre very well.
The costume coupled with the voice you’re in for an awesome show! Step
back in time for Roy be bop hits from the 50s through the 60s and 70s
all the way to Roy’s resurgence with his final albums in the 80s
including his time with the Traveling Willburys. Hear snippets of
history from David K as Roy and enjoy video clips to help you flash back
to a bygone era. Come experience the comfort and heritage of the
beautiful Cresco Theatre. Purchase V.I.P. seats up front before they
sell out! David has performed the show in Arkansas Florida and all over
Minnesota filling theaters from 250 to 600!

Get tickets now plan ahead share with friends – come and celebrate a
legendary artist who’s career spanned decades of hits!

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