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Decorah Pride Parade

September 16, 2023


The Decorah Pride Parade kicks off traveling down Water Street @ 3 pm. 

Join the parade or cheer from the sidewalks to celebrate diversity, march for equality, and work in solidarity with LGBTQIA2S  people. Advanced registration for floats and groups is required online at www.decorahpride.org/parade

The first pride march took place in New York City in 1970. It was an act of courage by the LGBTQIA community who decided to end the silence to make visible the need for equality. Since then, pride march and parades continue to be courageous acts to call for equality and celebrate the beauty of LGBTQIA identity. 

<the first="" pride="" march="" took="" place="" in="" new="" york="" city="" 1970.="" it="" was="" an="" act="" of="" courage="" by="" the="" lgbtqia ="" community="" who="" decided="" to="" end="" silence="" and="" make="" visible="" need="" for="" equality.="" since="" then,="" marches="" parades="" continue="" be="" courageous="" acts="" call="" equality="" celebrate="" beauty="" identity.

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