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Down on the Farm Iron Pour

July 2, 2022


Creating community & art with visionaries since 2004 while fostering collaboration, innovation & curiosity around the feral fires of iron casting.

This annual event celebrates the art and science of iron casting.

Enthusiasts, beginners and experts are invited to engage with the ancient and modern forms of ferrous metallurgy through diverse activities of exploration, collaboration and experimentation.

As a spectator or participant, Down on the Farm (DOTF) Iron Pour is an opportunity to observe and add to the history of human ingenuity in the center of the United States, Decorah, Iowa.

Support your local art center, ArtHaus, by taking a scratch tile workshop with Kelly Ludeking on Saturday June 25 and then come out to the farm located just over the hill from the landfill on July 2nd to watch the spectacular event of molten metal being poured into your mold.

There is also an art show at ArtHaus on Thursday evening, the 30th, of part participants of the DOTF. Get inspired, rub elbows & then come on out to the Farm to make your own iron art.

Events also happening on-site starting at noon the day of the pour or come out earlier in the week, as early as Wednesday the 29th, to visit with the iron pour community camping on-site.

Free to spectate, participation investment begins at $65. We look forward to seeing there!

Kelly Diane Ludeking

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