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Healing the Wounds of History

April 18, 2024


Please join special guest Father Michael Lapsley for this public talk and conversation about his work on the power of forgiveness and healing in reconciliation. The program will include a short video followed by Father Lapsley speaking about how his own journey led to the formation of the Institute for the Healing of Memories and how it relates to South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He will also speak about moral and spiritual injury, especially in relation to military veterans. Then Luther College Professor of Religion, Dr. Guy Nave, will engage Father Lapsley in further conversation about forgiveness and the importance of knowledge and acknowledgment in journeys of healing. There will also be some time for open Q&A with Father Lapsley and Professor Nave.
Father Michael Lapsley is a New Zealand born,  South African Anglican priest who belongs to the Society of the Sacred Mission and is a social justice activist. He was part of the liberation struggle against apartheid. In 1990 he survived a letter bomb attack with the loss of both hands and an eye. In 1998 he founded the Institute for Healing of Memories and today is the President of the Healing of Memories Global Network.

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