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Oneota Film Festival Kick-Off Event

November 19, 2023


The Oneota Film Festival Board is excited to Kick-off the 2024 Festival Season with a film screening and supporter event. All are welcome and there is no cost to attend. Join us as we screen two new films that were selected for this year’s festival.

The Kick-Off Event will take place on Sunday, November 19th from 3-5pm. We will be screening a short called Places to Be Wild and then a feature length film called Everything Fun You Could Possibly Do in Aledo, Illinois

Places to Be Wild (10:10) directed by Kelly Rundle

If land that is difficult or impossible to farm returns to a wild state, how does that impact people and wildlife? “Places To Be Wild” profiles a successful partnership between a landowner and the Wetland Reserve Program. By combining insightful and inspiring on-camera interviews with captivating landscape and wildlife footage, the film illustrates the concept of wildlife Cores and Corridors, and shows how rewilding can benefit people and the wider world.

Everything Fun You Could Possibly Do in Aledo, Illinois (1:05:28) – directed by Bethany Berg

After three decades apart, two childhood friends from Aledo, Illinois, reunite for their high school reunion. Rediscovering their forgotten bucket list from senior year, they embark on a riotous adventure to fulfill the wild dreams of their youth – skinny dipping in the community pool, making out with boys, and even a daring shoplifting spree. But there’s one small problem: the lubberly sheriff is hot on their trail, determined to catch them in the act. As they hilariously elude his every move or underestimate his tenacity, their friendship is tested by their mischievous escapades and the looming threat of getting caught. A heartfelt comedy where two lifelong friends face off against the hapless sheriff, creating mischief, mayhem and memories that will last a lifetime.

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