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Oneota Film Festival Screening at Waukon Town Theatre

February 19, 2023


The Oneota Film Festival will be screening two films at the Waukon Town Theatre on Sunday, February 19th at 2:30pm.

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Two aspiring superheroes make an unexpected connection while waiting in line to try out for the Des Moines Defenders.

John – The Last Cowboy
92-year-old John Hoiland runs his huge ranch in Montana all by himself. The son of a Norwegian immigrant, he has been raised to work hard and save his dollars for a rainy day. Through the years, people have offered him big money for his land. But life on the ranch is the only life he wants, and he finds great joy in the nature surrounding him, the freedom to work on his own land and daily conversations with his best friend Jim.
“JOHN – The Last Cowboy” is a poetic tribute to the simple life, a peaceful escape from fast-paced modern society and a subtle reminder of what is lost.

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