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S.T.B. Horror Trilogy Film Screening

October 24, 2023


Horror film trilogy by visiting filmmaker S. Torriano Berry. Wear your Halloween costume because their will be prizes for the top 3 costumes!

S.T.B. HORROR TRILOGY TRT: 90 minutes with Q&A
All Films Produced & Directed by S. Torriano Berry

“IN THE HOLE” 1984 RT: 7:00 – Adapted from a play by Robert Wheaton. Starring Robert Wheaton and James
Nelson. A newly incarcerated prison inmate learns his cellmate has been doing time for a similar crime. Now
locked in the same cell, he discovers passion once made them the same, but they are very different.

“DEATHLY REALITIES” 1985 RT? 24:30 – Written by S. Torriano Berry. Starring Sharon Neil, Leonard Thomas,
Tommy Ford. A serial killer discovers there is life after death and that there are consequences to his worldly

“EMBALMER – Short Version” 1996 RT: 30:00 – Written by S. Torriano Berry. Starring Jennifer Kelly, Kenneth E.
Mullen, Tracy Lynn Owens, Cynthia L. Webb, Andre M. Manly, Myron Creek, Dexter K. Tennie. Based on a
neighborhood myth about a deranged mortician who slaughtered his family with his scalpel, and now seeks fresh
blood and body fluids to bring them back to life. Is he still hiding in the catacombs beneath his old funeral parlor
like the rumors say? One night, Chiffon and friends find out. They also find out that, “When the pain goes
away…You’re dead!” Edited from my Feature Film.

BIO: S. Torriano Berry is an award-winning independent filmmaker who has created the anthology series Black Independent
Showcase and Black Visions/Silver Screen: Howard University Student Film Showcase for WHUT-TV 32, in Washington, D.C.
His two, half-hour made-for-television movies The Light and When It’s Your Turn were produced through the Minority
Advisory Board of WPVI-TV 6, in Philadelphia, PA. Berry is creator of the science fiction anthology series The Black Beyond.
A 30-minute version of his feature-length horror film EMBALMER was a finalist in Showtime Network Inc.’s 1998 Black
Filmmaker’s Short Film Showcase. He is co-creator and director of Noh Matta Wat, the first dramatic television series of
Belize, and director of “Livin’ Mi Life,” the first episodic sit-com of Belize in Central America. He co-produced, directed, and
edited Episode #3 of the Iowa Public Television Series “Telling Our Own Story – Black History,” in 2022
As a writer, Berry co-authored the film resource books, "The 50 Most Influential Black Films," published by Citadel
Press in 2001, and "Historical Dictionary of African American Cinema," Scarecrow Press, 2007 & 2015 ("A to Z of African
American Cinema" – Paperback) He has also self-published two fiction novels: “T.E.A.R.S.” based on his feature length
screenplay addressing the roots of racism in America, and "The Honeyman’s Son," a coming-of-age adventure set in the
1930s, Post-Depression America. Berry is Professor Emeritus at Howard University’s Department of Media, Journalism, and
Film. He received his BA in Art/Photography from Arizona State University and earned his MFA in Motion Picture Production
from the University of California, Los Angeles. He lives in Coralville, Iowa.

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