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Sunday Fun-Day Trivia!

December 26, 2021


QUESTION: How do you incorporate some family fun or friendly rivalry into your Sunday afternoon?
ANSWER: Taproom Trivia at Toppling Goliath!

If random facts are your thing, then taproom trivia is your gig! Join us Sunday afternoons in the Toppling Goliath taproom from 2-3:30 pm. Free to participate and the winning team will go home with a prize! Enjoy cold beer, lots of laughs and go home with fun facts guaranteed to impress your boss and wow your co-workers! Celebrate your inner smarty pants, starting Sunday, Nov. 14, and every Sunday from there.

Teams of up to six players. Free to play! Three rounds of ten questions each. Winning team will receive a round on the house and $25 gift card!

Random prize drawings may also be a thing!


Nov. 21 – Let’s Talk Turkey “Thanksgiving” Trivia

Nov. 28 – Slang-Talkin’ (‘80s, ‘90s and Urban Dictionary slang)

Dec. 5 – Toys and Games

Dec. 19 – All things Christmas! Why? Because it’s the mooooost wonderful time…. of the year!

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