Glenville Guest House

2532 Glenville Rd.
P: 612-229-7763 or 952-240-7
Welcome to Decorah! Our Guesthouse offers a historic perspective on rural lodging. This is a large, recently renovated farmhouse built-in 1900. Located in the Driftless Region’s Bluff County, this rural location offers lots of open space with epic farmscape views.

The Farm House has four cozy bedrooms, a kitchen, dining service for 10, wi-fi and printing, coffee and wine area, deck with picnic table and gas grill, and laundry facilities.

This is the original master bedroom. It is spacious, bright, and sunny. The view to the north has a huge sky, rolling hill, and the spire of the Glenwood Lutheran Church silhouettes the horizon. On a sunny day, this bright blue room extends into the sky. Apple Blossom Room: This warm and cozy room looks to the south and east. The fruit trees to the south bloom in the spring and bear fruit in the fall. They attract deer and numerous species of birds.

East-facing cedar trees and arborvitae offer privacy and protection from the elements in the winter. Extra blankets are in the walk-in closet. A cot and bedding for the cot are in the closet. Barn View Room: This cozy room looks west and south and has a large walk-in closet that is excellent for hanging formal ware. The Bunkhouse Room: This room was the original farmhouse living space. It is off the kitchen on the first floor. It has private exterior door access. It’s a great room for kids or late arrivals.
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