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Held annually each fall — the Decorah Gear Exchange is the best place to sell and buy gently used outdoor recreation gear in the Decorah Driftlesss area. Find new-to-you gear, connect with other outdoor enthusiasts, gain resources about the area, and join for free activities on local trails too! 

Proceeds benefit Decorah Parks and Recreation, further expanding recreational opportunities and resources in the Decorah area.

Decorah Gear Exchange – Year 3!

Are unused kayaks taking up room in your garage? Do you have tents and backpacks collecting dust? Are you storing bikes that are no longer sized correctly for your family? Now is the time to prepare your gently used outdoor recreation items for the 3rd annual Decorah Gear Exchange September 28-29. This year’s event will be held again at Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. at 207 College Drive, Decorah, IA. 

The Decorah Gear Exchange aims to help individuals sell and buy gently used outdoor recreation items, explore outdoor recreation opportunities in the Decorah area, and support Decorah Park and Recreation projects. This event will allow individuals to sell and/or buy new or gently used outdoor gear such as kayaks, canoes, tents, backpacks, fishing gear, bicycles, skis, lifejackets, car racks, camp stoves, and more! To note: No firearms or weapons will be accepted. Proceeds will benefit Decorah Parks and Recreation, further expanding recreational opportunities and resources in the Decorah area.





Have outdoor gear that is no longer being used by you or your family? The Gear Exchange provides the perfect opportunity to sell it on consignment while also helping raise funds for Decorah Parks and Recreation!



Those who are looking to sell outdoor gear they no longer need will have an opportunity to drop items off at the Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. front event room prior to the sale. 



  • This event will allow you to sell new or gently used outdoor gear such as kayaks, canoes, tents, backpacks, fishing gear, bicycles, skis, lifejackets, car racks, camp stoves, outdoor clothing, and more! To note: No firearms or weapons will be accepted. Volunteer coordinators reserve the right to refuse an item.


  • You set the sale price for each item! Volunteer coordinators can also help make recommendations.
  • If your item sells, you will receive 60% of the sale price, 20% will benefit Decorah Parks and Recreation, and 20% will go towards the sustainability of the event. You may also choose to donate full proceeds to Decorah Park and Recreation. Keep this in mind when setting your sale prices.
  • When dropping off items (or online the week prior), coordinators will share a link to utilize to create your online seller’s account in the point-of-sale system. The account will look to have you enter your contact information, your preferred method of payment to be paid through if items sell, and will allow you to share details on all of the items you are bringing to the sale. Fun fact: this account will also allow you to see if your items are selling over the weekend!
  • Once items are dropped off and entered in the system, you are good to go! Volunteers will run the sales throughout the weekend.


  • Unsold items must be picked up on Sunday after the conclusion of the event or they will be donated. 


The annual Decorah Gear Exchange is the best place to find new and gently used quality outdoor gear at an affordable price! We love that this event keeps outdoor gear circulating in the community, rather than simply sitting in storage. We hope to once again have available gear such as  kayaks, canoes, tents, backpacks, fishing gear, bicycles, skis, lifejackets, car racks, camp stoves, outdoor clothing, and more! To note: No firearms or weapons will be accepted. 


The Decorah Gear Exchange — Year 3! — sale will be open two days.

  • Saturday, September 28 
  • Sunday, September 29 
Prices for each item will be marked. To note, at least 20% of each sold item’s price will benefit Decorah Parks and Recreation! If remaining, some items will be available for 50% of the ticket price on Sunday. Last year items went fast though — so it’s always best to purchase an item when you have the chance if you really want it!
As a volunteer-run fundraising event, cash is the best! If able, please plan to bring cash to the sale. However, the point-of-sale system will also accepted a few other payment methods.
  • Cash: Again, the BEST!
  • Check: Local checks only.
  • Card: The credit card fee will be added on top of your purchase amount, to help cover all costs associated with the event.


We’re in the Driftless, a part of the country the glaciers missed, leaving hills, rivers, and limestone bluffs that draw outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

Decorah and Winneshiek County are home to year-round recreation opportunities. Did you know that Decorah alone has more that 664 acres of park, recreational use, and trail land?!?! Overseen by the Decorah Parks and Recreation Department, this land includes 23 parks, a municipal pool and campground, 20+ miles of off-road single-track trails, and segments of the 11-mile paved Trout Run Trail. 

Come to the Decorah Gear Exchange to buy new-to-you gear, then get out and explore! 


DETAILS FOR 2024 COMING SOON. See below for examples from 2023. Hike, Bike, and/or Run with others! Become better acquainted with Decorah’s trail system and connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts along the way. All guided activities are free and volunteer-led. 



MEETING LOCATION: Trout Run Trailhead at “Dug Road” / Just past 720 W Main Street, Decorah

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Bike, helmet, water bottle

LENGTH: 11 Mile Loop / Plan for more than an hour

SURFACE: Asphalt

The aptly-named Trout Run Trail crosses trout streams five times on its 11-mile loop. The easy-ranging-to-challenging route crosses incredible landscape and mounts steep switchbacks for breathtaking views. All experiences welcome for this chill no-drop (no one will be left behind!) ride around the trail.


  • Evan Meyer, Decorah Running Club


MEETING LOCATION: Decorah Gear Exchange / Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. / 207 College Drive, Decorah 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Wear and bring with whatever you like best for a 5K + run!

LENGTH: 5K (3.1 miles), with options to add-on more distance

SURFACE: Asphalt + dirt trails

The Decorah Running club is a social group that loves to run! All abilities are welcome to join. This route will replicate Decorah’s “Pulpit to Pulpit 5K” summer race course, gaining 212 ft of elevation total while traveling from Pulpit Rock Brewing Co down 5th Ave, proceeding onto Trout Run Trail through Pulpit Rock Campground, and then continuing onto the “Dug Road” portion of Trout Run Trail before returning to the start. Evan will also have additional options to recommend if you want a longer run, such as adding on the Twin Springs Trail.



MEETING LOCATION: Ice Cave Road Gravel Parking lot, across from entrance to Dunning’s Spring Park / Decorah

LENGTH: 1 hour

SURFACE: Asphalt, with a few options to go onto dirt trail sections

Join in to see two of Decorah’s main outdoor attractions — Dunning’s Spring and Decorah Ice Cave State Preserve! 

Dunning’s Spring, a spring fed waterfall, was once home to a grist mill and later the location in which Decorah marble was quarried, sawed, and polished.

Decorah Ice Cave State Preserve, believed to be the largest known ice cave in eastern North America, is unique for the unusual deposits of ice which coat its walls. Ice formation is caused by the sinking of cold air into the cave during winter — making the rock temperatures well below freezing, followed by the spring surface water that seeps into the cave and is frozen by contact with the cool rock walls.  Open to the public, visitors are able to walk about 10 feet into the cave and observe ice year-round! 


  • Emily Neal (Decorah City Council and Science Teacher)

MEETING LOCATION: Decorah Community Prairie / 2-20 Ohio Street, Decorah

LENGTH: 1 hour

SURFACE: Flat, mowed walking paths

This restored prairie is along the Upper Iowa River with paths on 34 acres, shared by hikers, bikers, runners, skiers, and snowshoers. The Butterfly Garden’s paved walkways feature specimens of plants found in the prairie — which Emily will share more about as you wander throughout the area. Family-friendly!


  • Thomas Johnson (Associate Professor of Communications, Luther College)

MEETING LOCATION: River Trail – Trail Head / Ice Cave Road Gravel Parking Lot, Decorah

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Bike, helmet, water bottle

LENGTH: 1 hour 20 minutes

SURFACE: Single-track dirt trails

Discover Decorah’s 20+ mile off-road single-track trail system! Ranging from easy and fairly flat on the River Trail-to-steep and challenging on other trails, these routes are big crowd favorites. The entire system is used by mountain bikers, trail runners, and hikers throughout year. Experience River Trail, in addition to portions around Dunning’s Spring, Ice Cave, and Van Peenen Park. 


  • Olivia Helland (Luther College staff / Student Activities and Center for Sustainable Communities)


MEETING LOCATION: Will Baker Park / 243-341 Pulpit Rock Road, Decorah

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Sturdy shoes and a water bottle

LENGTH: 1-mile loop

SURFACE: Off-road dirt trail and rock stairs

Hiking to the top of Pulpit Rock Overlook at Will Baker Park offers a scenic view of Decorah and the Decorah Community Prairie. This 1-mile loop includes a narrow trail, stone restoration, and some steep terrain. 


Stop by the Decorah Gear Exchange (September 28-29, 2024), swing into the Decorah Visitor Center (Year-round! @ 507 W Water Street, Decorah), or click the links below for maps and more information on Decorah and Winneshiek County trails, parks, and waterways. 


The Decorah Gear Exchange is organized by a group of volunteers who are passionate about outdoor gear accessibility, environmental sustainability, and the great outdoors!  

Special thanks to Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. for providing space for the Decorah Gear Exchange!
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