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The Masters Hotel is the only childhood home of the beloved author Laura Ingalls Wilder that remains on its original site.

Enjoy a personally guided tour and hear the stories of the hardships and joy the Ingalls family faced in 1876, when Laura was nine years old. The Visitors Center across the street from the museum is the restored Burr Oak Bank Building and houses the original bank vault and a gift shop. Both buildings are listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

  The Masters Hotel es la única casa de infancia de la querida autora Laura Ingalls Wilder que permanece en su sitio original.

  Disfrute de una visita guiada personalmente y escuche las historias sobre la adversidad y el júbilo que enfrentó la familia Ingalls en 1876, cuando Laura tenía nueve años. El centro de visitas ubicado frente al museo es el edificio restaurado del Burr Oak Bank y alberga la bóveda bancaria original y una tienda de regalo. Los dos edificios están incluidos en el National Register of Historical Places (Registro Nacional de Lugares Históricos).

(traducción de Ella Heiks, Luther College)

Located in the former Decorah home of Adelbert Field Porter (1879-1968) and Grace Young Porter (1880-1964), the Porter House Museum is an inspiring exploration of history, nature, and art.

Porter was a gentleman naturalist, collector, and photographer who traveled throughout the world in pursuit of butterflies, rocks, and other curiosities. A man of artistic sensibilities, Porter used his nature collections to create unique "nature art," for which he became well known during his lifetime. At the museum, visitors experience the historic travels, art, and collecting of this naturalist and his wife against the backdrop of Victorian elegance that was their home and heritage.

  Localizado en la antigua casa de Adelbert Field Porter (1879-1968) y Grace Young Porter (1880-1964) en Decorah, la Porter House Museum es una inspiradora exploración de historia, naturaleza y arte.

  Porter era un caballero naturalista, coleccionista, y fotógrafo que viajaba a través del mundo buscando mariposas, piedras y otras curiosidades. Un hombre de sensibilidades artísticas, Porter usaba sus colecciones naturales para crear “arte de naturaleza” único, razón por la cual se hizo famoso durante su vida. En el museo, los visitantes experimentan viajes históricos, arte, y las colecciones de este naturalista y su esposa contra el telón de fondo de elegancia victoriana que era su casa y herencia.

(traducción de Abby Ostermann, Luther College)

Attractions, Museums
Attractions, Museums
Since 1975, Seed Savers Exchange has protected the biodiversity of our food system—and our planet—by preserving rare, heirloom, and open-pollinated varieties of seeds on our seed bank at Heritage Farm and encouraging gardeners and farmers worldwide to grow, harvest, and share heirloom seeds as well as recount the inspirational stories behind them.

Stories like when co-founders Kent Whealy and Diane Ott Whealy were entrusted by Diane's grandfather with two heirloom family seeds, ‘Grandpa Ott’s morning glory' and ‘German Pink’ tomato. These seeds, brought by Grandpa Ott’s parents from Bavaria when they immigrated to Iowa in the 1870s, became the first two varieties in the collection that today includes more than 20,000 plant varieties.

Seed Savers Exchange makes its home on 890 scenic acres in Winneshiek County, Iowa, at Heritage Farm. Visitors are invited to traverse wooded bluffs and valley pastures on a network of hiking trails connecting our orchards, cattle pastures, and remote gardens.

  Seed Savers Exchange cultiva, conserva y comparte semillas de jardín autóctonas. 
  Localizado a solo unos minutos al norte de Decorah, entre arroyos brillantes y cerros de piedra caliza, el campo de 890 acres de Seed Savers Exchange recibe a miles de visitantes cada año.  
  Hermosos jardines de plantas nativas, huertas históricas, y distintas razas de ganados locales limitan con el Lillian Goldman Visitor Center, construido por los Amish, conectando a los visitantes a nuestro diverso patrimonio de jardines.

(traducción de Jessica Campos Arzate, Luther College)
Arts + Entertainment, Museums, Shopping
Arts + Entertainment, Museums, Shopping

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum offers a Museum Store, full of Scandinavian specialty items, including Norwegian sweaters, Scandianvian treats, calendars, games and toys, traditional and modern jewelry, collectibles, cookware, tableware, home decor, Christmas ornaments, hand-crafted art, and more!

The store also includes everything a folk-art enthusiast needs whether you are just getting started or have been working at your art for years. You'll find books and videos on fiber arts, textiles, rosemaling, painting, woodworking, and knifemaking. There are also tools and patterns for woodworking; brushes, paints, and patterns for rosemaling; and beautiful hand-made woodenware ready to decorate.

This store is located at 502 W. Water St., in the museum's Westby-Torgerson Education Center. Feel free to shop anytime, even if you don't plan to tour the museum that day.

Many of Vesterheim's products are available in our online store, so you can shop from anywhere!

Your purchase supports Vesterheim's mission.

Arts + Entertainment, Museums
Vesterheim, the National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School, welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in the conversation of the American immigrant journey through the lens of the Norwegian-American experience.
With 33,000 artifacts and 12 historic buildings, this national treasure explores the diversity of American immigration through the lens of the Norwegian-American experience and showcases the best in historic and contemporary Norwegian folk arts.
Step inside to discover stories of courage and beauty. You'll find a cabin made from a single tree, elaborate costumes, intricately carved butter molds, silver wedding crowns, woven tapestries, and even a boat that sailed the Atlantic Ocean.
Vesterheim also preserves living traditions through its renowned Folk Art School, offering classes all year in rosemaling (decorative painting), woodworking, knifemaking, food ways, jewelry, and fiber arts.

Con 33,000 artefactos y 12 edificios históricos, este tesoro nacional explora la diversidad de la inmigración a través del lente de la experiencia noruega-americana y muestra lo mejor de la artesanía noruega histórica y contemporánea.
Entre a descubrir historias de valor y belleza. Encontrarás una cabaña construida con solo un árbol, trajes elaborados, moldes de mantequilla intrincadamente esculpidos, coronas de boda hechas de plata, tapices tejidos y un barco que navegó por el Océano Atlántico.
Vesterheim también conserva tradiciones vivientes por su renombrada ‘Folk Art School’, que ofrece clases todo el año en rosemaling (pintura decorativa), carpintería, producción de cuchillos, tradiciones culinarias, joyas y tejidos.
(traducción de Mari Paulsen)

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