Oneota Community Food Co-op

312 West Water Street
P: 563-382-4666

Our Mission is to provide our member-owners with: foods produced using organic farming and distribution practices with an emphasis on supporting local and regional suppliers, reasonably priced whole, bulk, and minimally packaged foods and household items, products and services that reflect a concern for human health and the natural environment and that promote the well-being of the workers and communities which produce them.

The Oneota Community Food Co-op is a cooperatively-owned grocery store specializing in organic, local, and sustainably produced products since 1974. Located in beautiful Decorah, IA, the Co-op has become a hub of activity over the years and is a destination for visitors to our area. For over three decades we have been providing whole foods at a reasonable cost, with an emphasis on organic, local, and bulk foods. On behalf of our more than 5,200 member-owners, we welcome you to the Oneota Community Food Co-op.

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