Root 43 Juicery

211 College Dr.
P: 563-202-0103
Located inside The Landing, Root 43 is bursting with healthy options and an all-inclusive environment! Try an acai bowl, smoothie, juice, or some of Mama’s Granola. Acai berries are grown in South America and have a short shelf life, so are not available fresh anywhere except where they are grown. They are full of antioxidants and extremely low in sugar compared to other fruits. “Juicing” can remove toxins from the body, help with digestion, help lose weight, and boost your immune system, and Mama’s granola? Well it’s truly love sprinkled on top of your bowl, or bagged up for you to take on the road. Regardless of which you choose, we look forward to serving up something sweet (yet extremely healthy) for you soon!
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