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Empty Nest Winery is family owned and operated.  Set in beautiful rural Northeast Iowa located between Decorah and Waukon. 

We make handcrafted wines the old fashioned way by fermenting the whole berries/fruit not just the juice. 

Our berry wines are just the berries fermented not grape or apple based with just some berries or berry flavor added as many other wineries do. 

We make our wine in small batches using many varieties of berries handpicked predominantly on our family farm or from the surrounding local area. 

We never filter our wines as that can strip away their natural color and flavor so some bottles may have sediment on the bottom but that is completely natural and will not affect the amazing ?True to the Fruit Flavorâ?™! 

Sample up to 18 different & unique wines (click on ?Our Wines? page to see tasting notes) in our tasting room on Saturdays from 10-5 and Sundays from 1-5, Closed in January. 

Call ahead for private group tastings or large groups. We host private wine tastings and parties so call to book a time to come and taste our wine.

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Outdoor Dining, Wineries

Winneshiek Wildberry Winery is located on a 140-year-old family farm. The winery is owned and operated by Ken and Yvonne Barnes, and their two daughters Darla Jones, and Beth Guzman, all of Decorah.

The farm has been in Yvonne's family for 140 years tracing back to her great-grandmother. Ken and Yvonne have lived on the farm for 37 of these years. During this time they have raised dairy cows, beef cows, and farrowed pigs. With the decline of farming visible all around them as well as their own firsthand experience, they decided to make a dream come true and keep the farm viable and able to produce a crop.

Ken started planting several grape varieties in 2001. Darla, our winemaker, finished a series of classes she had undertaken to improve her craft and increase her knowledge about winemaking. During this time Ken began drawing up plans for rebuilding the barn into a winery. The winery was built on the original foundation of the dairy barn. It was built by the Amish, Henry Miller a.k.a. "Barefoot Henry" and his crew in 2004-2005. It all came together in the fall of 2005 with the opening of the winery's doors in October.

There are now 4 beautiful acres of the vineyard for guests to tour as well as a patio for enjoying the scenery and sipping wine. Inside the winery is a beautiful wood furnished tasting room, complete with a majestic oak bar. The gift shop is the perfect place to pick up a unique handcrafted gift for yourself or someone you know. Many of the pieces are handmade by local crafters within the tri-state area. After you spend time in the gift shop follow us downstairs to see where Darla makes the wine and learn a little about winemaking! Winneshiek Wildberry Winery truly is the perfect place to spend a day in the country!

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