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Type of Dining
Bakeries + Sweets, Breakfast + Brunch, Casual Dining
Bakeries + Sweets, Breakfast + Brunch, Casual Dining

The Family Table started as a root beer stand at least 65 years ago. No one knows for sure when it was opened. Many people say," It's just always been there." It was just a small building with picnic tables until 1972. And some say, a hundred years ago a family raised race horses on the land. In 1972 the existing building was built and it became Decorah's A&W.

Years later it went through different owners and during the process the A&W franchise was dropped and it was renamed the Family Table. In November of 1993 Scott and Stacey Gossling purchased the restaurant and are still the current owners. In the fall of 2003, the restaurant was completely remodeled and they put on an addition. 

Bakeries + Sweets, Casual Dining, Coffee
Bakeries + Sweets, Casual Dining, Coffee

We are a third wave coffee bar & roaster featuring our own custom roasted coffee, pour overs, espresso-based drinks, loose leaf teas & Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap! 

Our coffee is roasted right here in Decorah! 

470 million years ago an asteroid, as big as a city block, burst through the Earth’s atmosphere smashing into northeast Iowa leaving behind a crater that would later become Decorah, Iowa. 

Fast forward a few years to the year 2014.  Decorah was impacted by another blast as Impact Coffee burst into northeast Iowa. 

Local business owners, Jeff, and Anja Brown had been operating their custom frame shop, The Perfect Edge, for over 25 years, when they were struck with the idea of opening a coffee bar and roastery. With the help of many fantastic friends and family members the coffee bar now shares it’s space with The Perfect Edge, while the roaster has taken over their two-stall garage. 

Jeff and Anja hope their coffee bar and roaster will leave a lasting impact on the town of Decorah, just as the asteroid left it impacts 470 million years ago. 

Bakeries + Sweets, Breakfast + Brunch, Coffee, Outdoor Dining
Bakeries + Sweets, Breakfast + Brunch, Coffee, Outdoor Dining

At Magpie Coffeehouse our goal is to provide a warm comfortable atmosphere and combine it with great staff, great food, and the best coffee. We strive every day to get to know our customers so Magpie doesn't just feel like a place to buy coffee but feels like a home away from home. 

We have a great selection of coffees, ranging from a  drip coffee to a rare Bianco espresso. Our Baristas are skilled in the art of brewing espresso, so we are able to customize your drinks to suit your own personal preference. Our Kitchen uses fresh ingredients to prepare house-made soups, fresh-baked sweets, salads and sandwiches. At Magpie Coffeehouse we believe in “buy fresh, buy local,” because we believe in the community that supports us.

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